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BBC Radio Manchester Appearance 2019

BBC Radio Manchester Appearance 2019

Listen in as we went live on BBC Radio Manchester on 29-01-2019

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sheldon’s appeared on BBC’s Radio Manchester this morning ….

We were very privileged when we received a call from BBC Radio Manchester on the 28th January 2019, asking if we could accommodate an appearance on BBC Radio Manchester’s “Chelsea at Breakfast” show.

Manchester’s own Chelsea Norris hosts the show, and sent in Anna Jameson to visit the bakery and speak to a few of our staff members. Have a listen as she interviews Sarah Sheldon about our Famous Lancashire Oven Bottom Muffin, and then speak to Rod Ledgard to try and settle the debate on what a Potato Cake really is.

We started our Family Bakery in 1949, building from modest beginnings to become one of the nations best loved independent family bakeries. From our family to yours, baking history since 1949.

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