Goodness Baked in by Sheldon’s

The only reason to change something is if you can improve on it. Which is why at Sheldon’s Family Bakers, we’ve been baking our famous Oven Bottom Muffins, baps, rolls and teacakes the same way for generations.

We scour the world for the finest ingredients – wheat from the golden, sun-soaked fields of Europe and the fattest, juiciest Californian sultanas – and then our bakers use the good old Lancashire know-how passed down through the family to keep their goodness locked in, so your family can enjoy the very best that ours can produce.

Only the best ingredients go into our wonderfully tasty products.


We work with farmers we trust to produce the special wheat that makes Sheldon’s products taste so good. If we cut corners here, you’d notice!

We only want the very best ingredients in our products, and our trusted farmers constantly work to keep to our high standards.


Because we only use the finest ingredients, a Sheldon’s bap or Oven Bottom Muffin is every bit as good for you as those expensive artisan breads that cost several times the price!