Baking for your family since 1949.


Rolling back the years

Sheldon’s was started by the Master Baker Harold Sheldon. As it grew and became successful, his son Graham Sheldon took over the reins and built the business to greater heights. Nowadays, Graham is still behind his desk, but his son and daughter, Lee Sheldon and Sarah Sheldon, have joined him to help run the business and it continues to go from strength to strength.

Baking History since 1949

Baking History since 1949

OCR Recognition standard

Sarah drives up standards

Sarah drives up standards

Sarah Sheldon achieved the OCR Level Three Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers (Road Haulage)-National and International to ensure the Company’s compliance with transport related legislation.


Spring 2013

Spring 2013

Built a purpose built washroom to the rear of Bakery 2.

Summer 2013

£400,000 was invested in another state of the art roll plant for Bakery 2, and a further £40,000 on a new spiral mixer.

Recruited an additional Engineering Manager – Shane Lainton. He’s responsible for, among other things, coordinating and managing shift engineers, optimising machine efficiencies, planning and executing our Planned Preventative Maintenance System and carrying out risk assessments to ensure the safety of his staff. His 29 years in the baking industry have brought him multiple qualifications and experience across a wide range of plant types to make everything from Muffins to Swiss rolls.

Sarah Sheldon began a Masters in HR Management.

The business now supplies Aldi, Asda, Coop, Morrisons, Sainsbury, Tesco along with other independents and retailers.

August 2013

Another £36,000 saw the purchase of a further hot dog slicing machine for Bakery 2.

Flour Silo investment

Autumn 2013

Autumn 2013

Recruited Ken McIntosh (as HR Manager) from Bury College, where in his role as a National Diploma trainer he had been working with us since 2009. Ken,  who has over 35 years experience within the food industry, has since helped over 200 Sheldon’s employees obtain their Level 1 and Level 2 National Diploma in Food Manufacturing.

James Harper (Quality and Continuous Product Improvement) joined, bringing 8 years manufacturing experience in the baking industry, specifically in technical and new product development. Among other responsibilities, James introduced and now maintains the quality system, monitors daily product quality as well as creating and monitoring correct technical documentation to meet legal and customer requirements.

September 2013

Total number of employees reaches 246

Winter 2013

£275,000 invested in two 35 tonne flour silos to be erected on the Bakery 2 site.

£400,000 invested in a further roll plant (cost) along with £60k to set up a crossing station for Hot Cross Buns.

New product packing and brand

December 2014

December 2014

Christmas came early this year, with the unveiling of our new packaging.


New Equipment purchased


  • Purchased 1x new Konig Rolls Plant (B1).
  • Bulk Liquid Yeast (B2).

Concentrate System


  • Installation of a Fluid Concentrate System in Bakery 2.
  • Installation of second system installed in Bakery 1.
  • New air conditioning in Bakery 2 providing Positive Air Pressure.

New Bagging Machine


  • Introduction of new Bagging Machine expanding wrapping capabilities.
  • Installed new waterless Tray Cleaner in Bakery 1.

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